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Our team

Dr Scalpa and myself are true enthusiasts . We love guitars , tube amps  and roots music … Blues , Jazz , and Rock !!

At TY MOJO BIHAN we only select  the best vintage guitars , with , I must confess , a true preference for Vintage Japanese guitars ( known as MIJ , lawsuit etc ..) 

Do not panic yet  guys !  We also love American guitars here ! Our view is based on the fact that  buying a Mojo and a good sound are more important than buying a logo or a brand … To make it short … who cares as long as it sounds good !



Mystère Pat

Music , guitars and tube amps enthusiast , seeking for “the graal” is my task …

Fasten your seat belt , seat back and relax … enjoy the take off towards your next guitar !

Dr Scalpa

Dr Scalpa has accumulated  a huge experience over the years ,  as a backliner to start with then as a guitar tech on different tours .. He also performed as a player in different bands such as Dolly&co , Scalp&co and  recently Redskin girl .

He is a true specialist , and can fix virtually anything on your guitar. He is also well known for his competencies in tube amp technology .

That is the reason why  MIJ guitars are so great … If you are not familiar with japan and their fascinating culture , you should know that “ average” is not a  very popular word in japan and is more or less seen as a failure …

Quality is not  a “ luxury option “ but the standard everyone should reach … 

Several Japanese Master luthiers are very  famous  for their recognized skills and they really deserve it .

Factories such as Matsumoku , Fujigen or terada .. they all built top-notch quality guitars  from the beginning of the 70’s till now … 

One’s can easily imagine Japanese state of mind after WWII … Stealing a march on  legendary US guitar brands during the “ power flower era “… 

These MIJ guitars are true historic pieces  , for musicians , or collectors … no one can deny their qualities as such 

So … what about US guitar brands ?  We do love them too . no competiton there . 

As a proof , my favorite brand is Rickenbacker , sort of a “niche” manufacturer these days but lovely guitars and moreover … one of the last who managed to preserve their DNA and their soul . 

Isn’t it the finality after all ? a piece of wood … a piece of history put together to awaken senses ... starting with emotion …??


That is our daily task at TY MOJO BIHAN !

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