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Scalpa's nest

TY MOJO CUSTOM will welcome you in a warm , friendly and professional atmosphere .

“Dr Scalpa” will take care of your beloved ones  , guitars, bass and tube amps …in order to make them scream, sing and shine again … like never ! 

Should you require custom services, such as mods , pickups swap etc …  Dr Scalpa will make your dream happen !

 Compared to our “Guru” … Mc Gyver is an absolute chicken !!!

TMCustom Blanc.png

Guitar tech services

Maintenance, revision, adjustment, round planning, refrettage, electronics, custom modifications on request

Tube amp repair services

Maintenance, repair, BIAS adjustment, electronics, tolex, Custom modifications on request.

Work on estimate.

Specific research on demand

We can source your next guitar or amp, just contact us with the details.

We also buy your vintage guitar or tube amp.

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