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Very nice Stratocaster from 1979. Loads of Mojo on this one with very dynamic pickups that highlight the built quality ... a very beautiful sound range as a good vintage "strat" should be !

A few dents and chips here and there … the charm of an old guitar!

The neck is straight and the truss-rod is functional. frets are in a very good state .

Note that the walnut insert which is used to plug the truss-rod cavity is slightly too “tucked in” by 1 mm compared to the maple piece. No impact on the playability of the neck. the part is not unglued.

The "Sen" is a variety of Ash, a very noble wood, most MIJ Stratocasters are made from this wood.

The grecos of that time are little gems… an invitation to play for connoisseurs!


Greco SE 500 "Supersounds"

    • Brand : Greco
    • Type : Stratocaster
    • Model SE-500 super sounds
    • Year : 1979
    • Country : Japan. Fujigen
    • Color : SunBurst
    • Body : Sen ( Japanese Ash )
    • Neck : Bolt-on . Maple
    • Fretboard : Maple
    • Tuners : Greco Vintage
    • Pickups : 3 Single coils Greco .
    • Weight : 3.8kgs
  • The guitar is inspected, cleaned and set before shipping.

    A set of new strings (gauge of your choice) will also be fitted.

    For further modifications (Pickups… Electronics), Contact us.

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