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Superb Guitar that is !

A kind of super-strat in fact ...

Released from the famous Matsumoku factories in 1981, this model is impeccably finished, high-end woods and a very versatile guitar indeed …. The sound palette is immense !!

It is in very good condition, some traces of time here and there ... a careful former owner, no doubt!

It is quite heavy (nothing to envy a Les Paul on this side) but its sustain is incredible!

Anyway .. it sounds great !!

For those who are looking for something other than a strat 'or just a piece of history from the epic "Matsumoku"

The frets are in good condition. the neck is straight and the truss-rod is functional.

Westone Thunder II

    • Brand : Westone. ( matsumoku )
    • Type : Solid body Guitar
    • Model : Thunder II
    • year : 1981
    • Country : Japan
    • Color: translucent red / natural
    • Body : Maple / Walnut / Ash
    • Neck: Maple set neck
    • Fretboard : Rosewood
    • Tuners : Vintage Die-Cast
    • Pickups : 2 Humbuckers « Magnet 530 »
    • Weight : 4.9 kgs
  • The guitar is inspected, cleaned and set before shipping.

    A set of new strings ( gauge of your choice) will also be fitted.

    For further modifications (Pickups… Electronics), Contact us.

    Shipped with GIGBAG

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